Shiitake & Portobello

Shiitake & Portobello

13 lbs (small)
Est. age: 9 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Shiitake and Portobello are strongly bonded, so we want to adopt them out together.

Are you ready for some seriously mind-altering mushrooms? Are you ready to experience non-stop euphoria plus visions of little tongues and wagging tails? Meet Shiitake and Portobello, our bonded shroomies – and perhaps your new roomies! Shiitake is the fluffy Maltese mix. She is VERY sweet and gentle, and loves hiding under tiny spaces (truly impressive). Portobello is our chihuahua mix boy. He also gets an A+ for sweetness, and loooooooves to be held. Both are a little shy at first, but we think they will warm up quickly in a home with nice groovy vibes.

Here’s what their foster has to say:

Shiitake and Portobello are a very sweet and loving duo that need a patient adopter to continue to help them enjoy being dogs!!



Portobello has such a sweet personality. He is very relaxed, loves nothing more than being wrapped up in his blankets in bed, being carried about, or laying on you, blankets are a must though as he shivers quite wildly. He asks for extra attention a lot using his paws to attract you back to him, especially if you are giving Shiitake too much attention!! When he gets out of bed it is usually to check what I am doing and keep an eye on my whereabouts. Also when you are walking past him he will quickly run up to you seeking a tummy rub, it is adorable. Portobello is happy to be out in the open in the house, he will let others pet him and seek out a pet too.


Shiitake is still coming out of her shell and once she feels comfortable, she will really blossom! She does have her person though and when it is just us in the house though, her personality really shines. She is a ball of fun, running around, getting all the toys out, trying to get Portobello to play (this usually ends with Portobello telling her off sternly!!). She loves the small toys I have and will play fetch, skidding all about, she also likes to take the toys and lay on them. She is not toy aggressive at all. She loves cuddles from her person, and is happy to be picked up and comforted and kissed, resting her head on your shoulders and really melting in. Shiitake needs a patient adopter that will help her full personality shine when she feels comfortable.

House Trained

Both Portobello and Shiitake can hold themselves and let you know when they want to go out. They are still perfecting their potty training though and making good progress!


Both dogs enjoy their meals and they love snacks too, especially Shiitake, she is wild for snacks and likes to eat them on my bed, she doesn’t do crumbs in her own bed apparently!!

Child Friendly

Both dogs do not show much interest in the children. They seem more interested in Tiger (Girl, 8) and when I am with her in the bedroom both dogs will happily watch her and then give her a little sniff. Portobello will let both her and Ronan (Boy, 10) tickle his tummy, pet him and put is blanket back on. They will happily accept treats from them. I think for Shiitake, a house with less noise and running about would be preferred.

Walking/Leash skill


This little guy has good leash skills and is very patient with Shiitake. However, he isn’t keen on walking in the cold (or too far, even on sunnier days) and then he’s ready to go home. Shiitake likes a longer walk, and takes a while to get her business done.


She is still working on feeling comfortable out and about in this great big world when on walks. She loves a good sniff so she takes a while to do her business, one must find the best smelling place to poop!!

Car Travel

Portobello sits nicely, but Shiitake is happier in a carrier. I put them in a carrier now and Shiitake settles, and Portobello is content as long as there are blankets in there!

Being Left

Shiitake is happy to be alone, more than Portobello. Portobello likes company and is working on his alone time training and getting more comfortable!

Shiitake & Portobello Shiitake & Portobello Shiitake & Portobello Shiitake & Portobello Shiitake & Portobello Shiitake & Portobello Shiitake & Portobello Shiitake & Portobello