Chihuahua Mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter

Age: Rose 9 Remi 7

Breed: Chi Mixes

Weight: Rose 9.5, Remi 8.5 pounds

Sex: Female and Male

Adoption Fee: bonded pairs $425 ($225 discount)

Welcome to Rose and Remi!!

Rose is quiet and sweet. She loves to be at your side and will be your little shadow. Her favorite things are cuddling, sleeping, eating yummy soft treats, and lying in the sun.

Remi is goofy and spunky (in the cutest way ever!). He will also be your little shadow; when he gets excited, he has this little wiggle dance. He loves cuddles, sleeping in the sun, and zoomies and is very food motivated.

They love each other and would like to stay together!!

Energy Level? Rose: Low and Remi: Low to Medium

House trained? Both are house trained.

Describe how they are on a leash? Both are not super comfortable on a leash yet, but they are working on it. They mostly don’t move too much on a leash and need encouragement.

Describe how they are with other dogs? They don’t pay much attention to other dogs on leash while walking.

Have they been around cats or other animals? How were they? They have done fine with both dogs and cats when tested.

Commands they know? Working on basic commands.

What are their favorite things? Remi and Rose both love food (Remi more on this one), sleeping in the sun, and cuddling.

What do they need to work on? Walking on a leash, basic commands, and getting used to you being away from them. They prefer to be with you, but they both calm down after a few minutes when left.

How are they when left alone? How long have they been left alone? I left them at home for up to 3 hours, and after a few minutes of whining, they calmed down and fell asleep.

Where do they sleep? Inside of their pen and on their beds mostly.

What is their ideal home? Their ideal home would be mellow. They would love to be around you most of the time but can handle being left with each other while you go out. A home with adults or respectful children would be ideal.

They are available at Every Pet’s Dream

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Posted on 12.31.22