Paprika & Caraway

Paprika & Caraway

34 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

A: Paprika is a 14-year-old beagle who thinks she is a teenager. She has no problem wagging her tail happily and bopping up and down the stairs. Like her name, she will add a kickstart to your day. Paprika is part of a pair. The lovely Caraway will also be coming home with you. The two of them get along so well we can’t split them up! As many Muttville adopters know, two dogs is often easier than one, especially if you plan on leaving them alone once in awhile. Paprika and Caraway will have a grand time together, snuggling and talking about how much they love you.

Paprika is estimated to be 9 years young and weighs 34 lbs.

Caraway is estimated to be 9 years young and weighs 32 lbs.

-Paprika & Caraway are house trained

-Paprika & Caraway would do well in a home with other dogs

Here’s what their foster has to say about these girls:

“Paprika and Caraway are the sweetest duo! They are completely housebroken – not a single accident to report, and they know how to use a dog door. They know basic obedience commands. They are great with people, other dogs, and of course each other!

Paprika is the beagle boss in charge. She is full of personality and is quite the little ham! She’s smart, curious and adventurous, and snuggly with people and dogs alike. Her sploot is on point. Since she is so food motivated she is easy to train, though she is currently on a diet so we are mindful of how much we give her! She loves brisk walks and will no doubt lose the extra weight in no time.

Caraway is a gentle and shy girl who is slowly coming out of her shell. She looks to Paprika to lead in most things. She is playful with Paprika and other dogs, and friendly, if tentative, with people. She loves to nap, take slow walks and delicately cross her paws while looking like a model.

Paprika continues to lose weight and it is giving her a new lease on life! She loves running around like a pup half her age, meeting other dogs and people, and generally wowing everyone with her sweet and bubbly personality. Treat leash training worked like a charm, and now when she sees another dog she looks at me instead of barking.

Caraway is slowly coming out of her shell. and she is getting increasingly frisky and playful. She loves to roll around on her back, play with Paprika and get chin scratches and belly rubs. Caraway is a beautiful, gentle gal! Though the camera loves her, she does not love the camera back and runs away the second you point one at her. She’s too camera shy to get a good shot but she’s even cuter in person! "

We’re delighted to report that Paprika & Caraway is currently in a loving and caring home!

Watch Paprika and Caraway!
UPDATE! See more of Paprika here with her eye mass removed!
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