American Blue Heeler/Terrier
38 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Perfect, perfect Pancake!

Have you ever just had that Sunday morning craving for a perfect fluffy Pancake? Well now is your chance to fulfill that craving and have this wonderful mutt in your home everyday.

We love Pancake so much. She gets along with everyone and she’s ready to walk off her extra lbs!

Come on down and meet Pancake today.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Pancake heard talk that her quadruple flapjack stacks and cinnamon back rolls were slowing her down, and immediately made it her mission to shed the extra weight. In fact, the day we brought her home, she walked the long mile from HQ to our house with no issue. Sure, she had to be carried/cuddled part of the way, but still-very impressive!

Her mobility is greatly improving each day. With lots of encouragement and patience, she is able to scale up and down our front steps (check out the video!) and can hop up and down from the couch with ease (a ramp is recommended though). Her hatred of being carried has certainly fueled the calorie-burning fire within her. The first day she couldn’t walk more than a couple block without a pause. Today, I had to jog to keep up!

Shows a little resistance to being harnessed or collared, but the sound/feeling may just need some getting used to.

During walks/on-leash, she has not shown any reactivity to the normal city dog triggers, like scooters, skateboards, small children, people wearing hats or sunglasses, other dogs, etc. Sudden loud noises, like someone crushing aluminum cans or passing by a doorway with people talking loudly can startle her, but she is quite calm otherwise. Long hallways catch her eye and she always likes to scope out who is leaving out their front door. Watching the N-train rattle by is also mesmerizing.

Ever the curious pup, when she is not busy snoozing, she is quite taken with exploring the underbrush for tiny critters (part terrier for sure!). Her tail goes into hyperdrive metronome mode at the sight of potential prey. Unfortunately, she hasn’t shown much interest for inanimate stuffed toys, and is most transfixed by our cat, Chicken. The feeling isn’t mutual so we haven’t been able to acquaint within chomping distance, but my best guess is that Pancake adores cats-as toys. Could possibly fit into a house with cats that are comfortable with dogs and the playfighting style of dogs, but otherwise I would say a no cat household is the best bet.

She is dog-friendly, emitting a tiny whimper when one crosses across the street, but plays aloof within greeting distance. She has not shown signs of defensiveness or aggression, and hasn’t guarded food or other resources (at least from us humans).

Pancake has been fully housebroken. We take her out 3-4 times a day, but there’s no need to overthink her bathroom schedule. She will let you know with the howls of a thousand tormented Pancakes. Much prefers a grass or dirt patch to do her business, and will race you in search of one. Healthy #2’s so far as well.

This may come as a surprise, but Pancake does not seem to have a big appetite. She hardly ever finishes her allotment of calories and actually is eating a bit below her recommended daily value. She’s just not that interested! Sometimes she forgets about food altogether, and we have to literally spoon-feed her to remind her that crash diets are dangerous.

After a long walk, she prefers a meal with broth for easier consumption, and then she is ready for a nap. If your living room is in need of some sprucing up, Pancake makes a perfect throw pillow. Her black-and-white scheme complements any space, and her memory foam plushiness can’t be beat for cuddles. She is a professional little spoon who loves to rest her snoring snout right under your arm. She is not keen on travelling to the other side of the couch, but you are always welcome on her side!

We’re delighted to report that Pancake is currently in a loving and caring home!

Pancake Pancake Pancake Pancake Pancake Pancake Pancake Pancake Pancake Pancake Pancake Pancake