Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix
13 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

We found Nemo, and Dory too!

This dynamic duo have embraced the “just keep swimming” motto! Nemo and Dory are both very happy and friendly mutts! Dory is round and her tail is always wagging! She makes the cutest little snorty noises. Nemo is a peppy, friendly and curious, guy who is always up for anything. These two are instant mood boosters and will make their new family entertained and smiling! Besides, whats better than a new mutt, than 2!


Dory and Nemo are the sweetest senior pups! They are mellow, easygoing, and independent. They are both motivated by love pets, hugs, kisses, and praises vs treats. They both love to be held and petted. They are always so happy and cheerful with their tails wagging very fast when I talk to them and take them out for short walks or hanging out in our backyard! They get along well with our 3 dogs and enjoy being part of a pack.

Dory is low maintenance and loves to cuddle on the couch. She is always so happy to play with Nemo in the backyard and snuggle at night together even though they both have their own bed next to the another. However, they end up on the same bed snuggling during the night and in the morning, I wake up to the cutest snuggle bunnies! Dory is unable to see but her hearing is enhanced and she follows my voice with ease. She’s unaffected by her seeing impairment and she is not afraid of the unknown elements. In fact, she loves to explore!

Nemo is very interactive. He loves being my helper in the kitchen and loves following me throughout the day around the house or his eyes are following me around the room from his booster seat. He loves to give me kisses throughout the day. Nemo likes to play with our 2.5 year olds male terrier and he has mastered going up the stairs while staying at our house. He’s still learning how to go down the stairs so I do need to carry him down. He does have a slight sight issue and needs a little extra time to familiarize himself with his surrounding but once he’s set, no stopping him!

We’re delighted to report that Nemo is currently in a loving and caring home!

Watch this darling duo!
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