Miniature Pinscher Mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter


Miniature Pinscher Mix


14 lbs


Meet Mona – she may already be 11 but this gal still has plenty of energy and will do anything for a treat or a cuddle!

Mona was an elderly person’s lap dog for most of her life and ended up at Copper’s Dream rescue after her human went to a care facility that does not allow pets. She is active and has no health conditions aside from a minor allergy. While her energy levels allow longer walks, she is reactive on the leash and prefers a yard or a couch to being outside, especially when dogs she does not know are present. She is a world class cuddler and loves nothing more than movie nights with her human!

A bit more about her:

- Mona loves to meet new people and has shown no signs of fear or aggression with strangers. She likes attention and is a snuggle bug so petting, handling, or lifting her up are all fine.

- She likes to know where you are but she is not a ’velcro dog’. Her foster works from home and Mona is content doing her own thing elsewhere during the day.

- She is leash reactive so will probably never be a dog you can bring to the dog park or a busy city street. Her foster has been working with a trainer to reduce Mona’s reactivity to triggers and she has shown great progress in the space of only a few months. While her reactivity will likely never completely disappear, she also does not need to be walked for hours due to her age and energy levels. A 15 minute walk once a day and/or access to a fenced-in backyard would be perfect for her.

- While Mona is scared of strange dogs, once she has been slowly introduced and is in familiar surroundings off-leash she tends to make fast friends with other dogs. She is currently sharing a backyard with a neighbor’s two male dogs (similar size and age) and the three of them love playing with each other!

- Mona knows basic commands (sit, down, stay) and is crate trained. She is used to spending up to an hour in her crate while her foster cooks or eats meals.

- She sleeps through the night on her bed in another room.

- Mona is house trained and has not shown any separation anxiety. She can be left alone for six or so hours without issues.

- She has not shown any destructive tendencies. She is respectful of her surroundings and does not chew/scratch/shred objects when left unattended.

- While she does not exactly love bath time or car rides, she tolerates both well.

- She does not get along with cats. We do not know if she would be good with small children.

- She is very smart and likes puzzle games, plush toys, and puzzle feeders (anything for a treat!).

Mona is with Copper’s Dream Rescue. If interested, contact for more information or apply for adoption at

This is a courtesy post. Mona. is not a Muttville dog. If you are interested in adopting Mona. and want to learn more about her, please contact: or apply for adoption at

Posted on 08.30.21

Mona. Mona. Mona. Mona. Mona. Mona.