5 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Why adopt one chihuahua cutie when you can adopt two? Mina and Missy agree 100%! This bonded pair of chi perfection will bring you double the love and chiliciousness, and who would want to miss out on that? They’re both sweet and as cute as can be. Plus they’ve lived with other dogs and even cats. How much more perfect could they be?

Here’s a note from their foster:

These two are such a fun pair!! They are both pint sized (~5 lbs), super affectionate, super quiet, and not super active. I let them out on my rooftop garden 4x a day for a pee and a roam, and take them on a few walks a week. They are learning how to feel comfortable on leashes in public places, so I have been introducing them to walks slowly.

Now that they are comfortable with me, they are so affectionate and tail waggy! They love snuggling next to me under a blanket on the couch, sleeping next to me in bed, and getting lots of pets and scratches!

I even introduced them to my friends’ toddler, and while I can’t say it was their favorite activity in the whole world, they were super sweet to him and let him pet them. Mina is really taking to her walks, and walked for 15 min at the park the other day before deciding she was ready to hop back in her doggy carriage! Missy is learning how to give me kisses, and it is very cute to see her try to work out how to kiss your face!

We’re delighted to report that Missy is currently in a loving and caring home!

Missy Missy Missy Missy Missy Missy Missy Missy Missy Missy