American Pitbull Terrier Mix
Large (50-90 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter

I’ll take care of you if you take care of me. I have loyalty, patience, and companionship to offer. I need kindness and some on-going medical care from you to help me keep my eyesight. I have dry eye and will need medications for life. Not looking forward to driving all the time to pick up meds? Did you know, you can order online or over the phone from RoadRunner Pharmacy and they deliver to your doorstep no extra charge? What a treat!

Marquis is a bit of an elder statesman who still has some spunk left in him. He has to check out whatever is in your hand, in case it’s a treat. He allows his eye drops, just let him tell you when he’s ready or he gets too wiggly. He solicits pets and scratches, and gets a bit excited with his mouth sometimes, just touching hands with his teeth, no bites. This may be difficult for younger children. He is very responsive when he is spoken to and gets super wiggly when anyone goes into his kennel.

I didn’t get the prevention I needed and now have heartworms. Although typically an expensive procedure, the shelter will treat this at no cost to you. Please be available to transport for a few scheduled days in the future.

No small dogs please.

Marquis is available at 2127 Front St, Sacramento, CA, United States, California

(916) 808-7387

This is a courtesy post. Marquis is not a Muttville dog. If you are interested in adopting Marquis and want to learn more about him, please contact Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento.

Posted on 02.07.22

Meet smiley happy Marquis!
Marquis Marquis Marquis