American Pitbull Terrier Mix
Large (50-90 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter

A community member of mine is moving and needs to re-home his two loving pit bulls. He has had both dogs since they were puppies. Louie, grey, is 7, and Gigi, brown and white, is 12. His wish is the dogs stay together, as Gigi thinks that Louie is her son, and they are well bonded after all of these years together. Although it is his wish to keep them both together, he is open to rehoming them separately, as he will be moving in early December.

A bit more specifics about them: Gigi, 12, brown and white, 70 lbs. Docile, friendly, protective of Louie. Louie, 7, grey, 55 lbs. High energy, playful, adventurous.*Louie is nursing a knee injury. The vet is unsure whether it can heal on its own or will require surgery. I can provide more information about this to anyone who is considering adoption, and please don’t let this deter you. His community is committed to helping with the cost of the medical care for this animal. Otherwise, both dogs are in good health.

Gigi and Louie are good with people (including kids, although the owner has not seen the dogs interact with infants, and Louie’s excited nature could knock a little kid over), but there have been two instances of scuffles with other dogs in the past. On both occasions, the dogs were off leash and approached Gigi unannounced. She is very shy and fearful of other dogs. Their owner does allow other dogs to say hello or visit them for playdates when a good relationship has been established. He takes them to local trails so they can run off leash, as they tend to sniff everything and pull a lot on leash in the neighborhood. G&L have not had formal obedience training, but they are well-mannered and respond to voice command, are completely house trained, and don’t mess up furniture.

The ideal family would be one that has space for two large animals to live comfortably (including a yard for them to run and play in!), enjoys walks on trails, and will be patient and loving to two animals readjusting to life in a new home. They are currently in Mill Valley.

This adorable duo is still looking for a new home as of 1/10/23

This is a courtesy post. Louie/Gigi are not Muttville dogs. If you are interested in adopting Louie/Gigi and want to learn more about them, please contact: Alix Joslyn (404) 754-4671 My email: alix.joslyn1@gmail.com.

Posted on 11.19.22

Louie/Gigi Louie/Gigi Louie/Gigi Louie/Gigi Louie/Gigi