13 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Kuuipo means "sweetheart and we think he’s perfectly named. This tan chi cutie is a stellar lap sitter, preferably combined with belly rubs. Kuuipo is a big fan of cheese, cuddles and sunbathing. He may be vision impaired but it doesn’t stop him from following you around, exploring and even dancing on his hind legs!

Here is what his foster has to say!

Kuuipo is really a very very very sweet boy. He’s definitely a low activity dog. I’m taking gentle steps to boost his confidence outdoors. I’ve had Kuuipo for a week. Here’s our progress so far.

Kuuipo sleeps a lot and is very happy to snooze with you on the couch while you work or watch NetFlix. He surprised me by jumping up to take my spot on the couch when I stepped away. I think he’s mostly blind but has some ability to gauge shape/shadow. Kuuipo doesn’t need long walks. While he can sleep a lot I’m going to introduce him to some food puzzles so he can get some fun stimulation. He enjoys his Kong with some cream cheese.

If he’s snoozing and suddenly sits up, I know he has to go pronto. Since I’m up three flights I’m working with him to use pee pads. He seems to be getting used to the texture of the pee pads as the place to go. Interestingly, when he had his first accidents, it’s been on hardwood floor, carpet does not interest him (yay!). I usu take him out after 3-4 hours, he doesn’t always go but it gives him some fresh air. When it gets to night time, I can take him out at 10-11pm for a pee and he’s fine until 6/7 am. He’s ok being woken up early.

I keep Kuuipo’s food and water bowl in the same space, and he’s good about feeding/watering himself. Sometimes he barks at “something” where his food and water is, like there’s something there. He did the same at his previous foster. He’s VERY interested in human food and will sit up showing his interest and beg a lot, he’s getting used to hearing gentle No.

I live in the Lower Haight which can be pretty busy/noisy. He doesn’t get scared or reactive, just stands quietly sniffing what’s around him. We have a spot outside my building where he does his business. He’s making progress taking steps for a micro micro-walk, I snap my fingers in front of him or tap my leg and he’ll follow the sound.

We went to Golden Gate Park over the weekend, early in the AM. Pretty quickly he was interested in sniffing the grass around him and walked around a little. We also went to the beach, we just stood on the sand and it was sweet to watch him take in the scents. He did a “stay away” bark when he sensed a dog approaching in Golden Gate Park and interest when he heard a dog approaching when we were out by my building. Given all the changes he’s been through I think he’s doing a very good job at taking in his environment.

He did a great job going to a coffee shop. He accepted hands offered to sniff from people who wanted to say hi to Kuuipo. He was curious of his surroundings and walked a round a bit then asked to sit on my lap. Kuuipo was a great mellow companion.

We’re delighted to report that Kuuipo is currently in a loving and caring home!

Kuuipo Kuuipo Kuuipo Kuuipo Kuuipo Kuuipo Kuuipo

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