Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter

King is a 14 lb 14yr old neutered Jack Russell chihuahua mix that has been a beloved family member since puppyhood. We are devastated to be rehoming him at this life stage but we have a toddler that King has been unable to adapt to. We have attempted behavioral modification via training and medication under the supervision of behaviorists and veterinarians, as well as environmental modification. Unfortunately, we are unable to make our home a place where King can live the senior life with the peace and comfort that he deserves.

King embodies his breed mix! He is independent, fun-loving, and sweet but can be a bit barky and is reactive to new people and dogs unless introduced slowly (and with snacks!) He appreciates napping by himself on the couch as much as chest scratches. King suffers from vision loss due to an incident early in life which has progressed to nearly full blindness in his senior years. While he is well adapted to this vision loss, he startles easily and has not been able to adapt to having children in the home. He has bitten children and must NOT be rehomed to a home with children. King would do best in a quiet adults only home.

King has always been a pretty healthy little guy. Last year, he developed early mitral valve disease, but is asymptomatic and not in need of medication at this time. He had his last teeth cleaning a year ago.

With the right family, we would gladly pay for his expenses (including vet). In an ideal scenario, we would like to check in and see him every few months.

This is a courtesy post. King.. is not a Muttville dog. If you are interested in adopting King.. and want to learn more about him, please contact:

Posted on 01.09.23

King.. King.. King.. King..