Kevin & Stella

Kevin & Stella

Eskimo, American
19 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Kevin and Stella are beautiful space angels who fell to earth during the most recent meteor shower. Kevin is sweet and gentle, while Stella is a wiggly ball of start dust. They have plenty of energy for seniors, love going on walks together, and would love to spend all of their time in your lap.

This gorgeous pair are very friendly mutts and still have great energy for seniors. They get along with other dogs great and people too! While they can be a bit talkative, this is very common for their breed. Really all they are saying is – pet me pet me pet me!!! They love to be the center of attention and are sure to be the life of the party anywhere they go.

Here are some notes from their foster:

What a dynamic duo!

They enjoy car rides, being brushed, and smiling at their people with intelligent eyes. The doggies also seem quite interested in (and not at all aggressive toward) our two shy cats. Both Kevin and Stella are completely potty-trained. Overall the doggies seem quite healthy and are not on any medications with the exception of some post-surgery pills for Kevin. Stella went on a 2-hour walk with my daughter today and is just a bundle of positive energy.

Kevin’s left front leg was totally useless to him when he arrived at Muttville and seemed to cause him pain. Muttville’s vet team amputated it, and even just two / three days after surgery and wearing the plastic cone he is in good spirits and getting around wonderfully, going up and down stairs, on short walks, and jumping onto the bed!

We’re delighted to report that Kevin & Stella is currently in a loving and caring home!

Kevin & Stella Kevin & Stella Kevin & Stella