Shih Tzu/Mix
7 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

There is only one thing better than an adorable senior rescue mutt. And that is two adorable senior rescue mutts. Bonobo and Kieko are inseparable best friends looking to share a furever home together. Bonobo is fluffy, outgoing and loves to look after his BFF. Kieko is tiny, heart-meltingly cute, and is most confident when hanging out with Bonobo. Both are parma-pups, and no one will ever believe they are seniors. The best way to win these two over is to invite them to a potluck-they love casual parties and snacks.

Here’s some notes from their foster:

“Oh my goodness…these two little ones are amazing!!! They truly love and care for eachother.

They walk well on their leashes and, although we haven’t been able to go far due to the weather, I suspect they would do fine with 1 or so miles. Maybe more!

They get along great with my sister’s chi and love to play fetch with small balls or toys. Bonobo loves playing with his toys after a good meal and can be very adorably enthusiastic! Keiko is the kisser and is so excited to start each day, with Bonobo right beside her of course. She loves to snuggle up close but patiently waits for an invitation…they are both very polite. (:

Bonobo is a snuggler as well, he’s just a bit more reserved. Keiko is very house trained and of Bonobo needs to go between walks he will, mostly go on a potty pad. They eat well, only bark when there is an outside sound or to welcome a visitor and stairs are no problem.

Keiko and Bonobo are simply the best! "

We’re delighted to report that Keiko is currently in a loving and caring home!

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