12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Jumpin Jolly look who we have in store for you today! This sweet handsome boy is such a delight. He has the flippity floppity terrier ears and the scruff that is cuddle-tastic! Jolly is a friend to everyone including cats. He gets excited about walks and enjoys play time. His main objective is to put a smile on everyone’s face. The joy he will bring to your home is astounding. Just try and hide the jovial smirk on your face when you meet them.

Here are some notes from their foster:

Benji (aka Jolly) and Yoda (aka Rancher) are incredibly cuddly little guys. Both love petting, snuggling, and being scratched between the ears. They have wonderfully soft hair, roll over for belly rubs, and like sitting on laps.

The doggies enjoy meeting children, adults, and other dogs, provided that everyone is calm. They get a bit growly if startled, and probably would not do well in a home with an energetic puppy. They have not formed friendships with our two shy cats yet, but seem increasingly interested each day.

Both answer to their pre-rescue names (Benji and Yoda) when called, and are excellent work from home companions. They enjoy treats and mealtime. Benji is missing part of his lower jaw and prefers food on a flat surface to in a bowl, but nonetheless loves to eat! They are not interested in toys and enjoy a good nap, but are always up for more petting and treats. The doggies sleep through the night on dog beds on the bedroom floor.

Benji and Yoda enjoy being outdoors and are good little leash walkers. They like to stop and smell the flowers, and are just the right amount of curious without being slow on walks. Benji is quite mobile and totally undeterred by his low vision and hearing, for which he has a daily regimen of eye and ear drops. He is an absolute angel throughout and they really seem to make a difference! Yoda is less mobile, but can walk up indoor carpeted stairs (although I often carry him), and three times now I’ve walked in and found him on the bed – selective participation?

The doggies seem quite healthy and fit. They enjoy longer walks than many seniors, and show no signs of being ready to slow down after two miles, which is the farthest I’ve taken them, but apparently not their limit. After a few weeks, Yoda goes up and down the stairs many times each day. Either he didn’t know stairs before, or the supplements and vitamins mixed into his meals are really working!

In three weeks there has not been a single potty accident. As an added bonus, the boys are trained to use a pee pad, which they don’t use often, but will take advantage of once every few nights.

These two sweet seniors like to be towelled dry after baths, brushed, pampered, and petted, for which they reward their humans with devotion and affection. This precious pair is ready to share a great deal of love with their future forever family!

Benji and Yoda are a very sweet, strongly-bonded pair of doggies. These two distinguished gentlemen would be a great addition to a household with lots of belly rubs and cuddles to give them!

We’re delighted to report that Jolly is currently in a loving and caring home!

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