King Charles mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter

Name: Joey

Breed/Mix: King Charles mix (approx. 8 years old)

Gender: Male

Size/Weight: 15 pounds

Neutered: Yes

Joey is extremely friendly with humans and loves walks, snuggling, attention. He will bark/growl at other dogs, like any small dog will do, but can easily be calmed with a command or comforting word.

Health history: In 2020, Joey was overweight and jumped off the bed and broke his back. He had surgery, was rehabilitated by my husband and I for 4 months, and was returned to my husband’s parents fully functioning. He has a tiny hitch in his gait, but it doesn’t not stop him from running, walking, etc.

Since returning to his home in November of 2020, his owners have aged dramatically. My father-in-law is almost 93 and has rapidly advancing Alzheimers. He does not know who or what Joey is. My mother-in-law takes care of my father-in-law and does not have time to care for Joey. At this time, under their limited ability to care for him, Joey does not get regular walks, attention, or supervision, so he may need to be potty-trained again. I firmly believe that once he has regular walks and supervision, and someone who can take him out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and regularly as most dogs need and expect, he will no longer feel it necessary to go in the house.

Joey loves attention, cuddling, and loves to walk/sniff/explore his neighborhood. Whenever I come to visit with my 2-year-old yellow lab, Bear, we take long walks and Joey is much happier, sleeps better, etc. He gets along well with Bear and has ever since they got to know each other when Bear was a puppy.

Contact information:

Kerry Cody



Posted on 02.27.23

Joey Joey Joey