Chihuahua/Terrier Mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter

Dogs name: Jilly

Dogs age: 10

Dogs breed/weight: 14 pounds

Is the dog spayed/neutered? Yes

Please describe the dogs energy level: Good energy. She sleeps during the day, but loves to play

Can the dog go up and down stairs? Yes

Does the dog get along with other dogs (large and small)? No. She’s afraid of big dogs

Does the dog bark and lunge on leash? At who/what? Yes, at other dogs, animals and sometimes trucks that make loud noises.

Does the dog have any behavior issues? No. She is very sweet when in a calm and quiet environment.

Does the dog get along with cats? No

Does the dog get along with children? Probably not, unless they are very gentle

How does the dog do with being handled by strangers? She is okay if the stranger is calm

How does the dog do with grooming? I bathe her, clip her nails and brush her regularly

Where is the dog currently located? Davis CA

Where was the dog originally acquired? The Dog Spot- recue company from Elk Grove CA

How long has the dog been in your possession? since 2010- almost 11 years

Has this dog ever been bred? No

Adorable Jilly has just had a dental and is ready for her new home!

She is sweet and affectionate. She loves being close and cuddled. She also loves to play, and go on walks.

She is very communicative. She loves to talk. She wiggles her behind with excitement.

She can be sensitive, and is very much aware of peoples emotions from laughing to crying.

She is sensitive to loud sounds or noises, so a calm quiet environment is best for her.

She looks young for her age, and has been very well cared for. She is in good health and has good energies.

She is completely potty trained. Has never had an accident.

She weighs 14 pounds.

She doesn’t do too well with crowds and other dogs/cats or pets in general. I don’t think she would do too well with children.

She is a good watch dog, so if someone comes to the front door, she will bark.

Otherwise she is very healthy. She goes on daily walks. She eats healthy food. She looks young for her age. She loves to play and even though she has slowed down, she still has great energy. She is not on any medication aside from the heartworm medication and flee and tick medication 1 time per month.

This is a courtesy post. Jilly is not a Muttville dog. If you are interested in adopting Jilly and want to learn more about her, please contact: Sara 530-848-0044 or saraalex@yahoo.com.

Posted on 02.19.21

Jilly Jilly Jilly

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