Hot Potato

Hot Potato

29 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Uncle Brunch and Hot Potato are a perfect pair who go together like hash browns at brunch! We actually call them Hot Brunch :) they are just the cutest duo with amazing personalities. They get along well with other dogs and all humans they get to meet.

Here’s what their foster has to say

All of my foster fur-babies have been great houseguests, and Hot Potato and Uncle Brunch are no exception! They eat heartily at mealtime (Just Food for Dogs – fish and sweet potato recipe), sleep while I’m working and through the night, and are social and friendly with other dogs and people. They enjoy their time on walks and at dog parks immensely! You wouldn’t know that they were senior dogs if they didn’t have gray hair. They are just as playful as the younger dogs and love to take part in a good chase, even if they come in last. They are so fun and seem grateful and happy to be wherever they are and with the person that brought them.

Hot Potato and Uncle Brunch are the most bonded dogs I have ever met. They’re like a married couple that’s been together for 50 years and haven’t lost that spark. They are never far from each other, and when one steps away, the other is always looking for their mate. Although I have a collection of doggie beds strewn about my living room, they still share same bed, sleeping side-by-side. Sometimes Hot Potato likes to rest her head on Uncle Brunch. He’s definitely her rock, and she’s his boo.

Hot Potato and Uncle Brunch (or Hot Brunch) would make a fun and lively addition to any household. I only have two recommendations. Because they are low riders, a home with stairs probably wouldn’t be the best option unless you have an elevator. Also, a home with cats probably wouldn’t be ideal. The Mr. and Mrs. are not aggressive, but they’re definitely hounds!!

We’re delighted to report that Hot Potato is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet Uncle Brunch & Hot Potato!
Watch them at the park!
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