Status: Adopted

Attention poodle fans: Gussie has arrived!

Sweet, soft and so lovely, Gussie is a flluffy dream. She’s perfect as she is: no need to gussy this girl up. Gussie has a darling little grin and a gentle personality. She’s a mellow easy keeper who can’t wait to be your best fuzzy friend.

Here’s what her foster has to say:

Gussie has soooo many traits that make her just the sweetest, most adorable, pup! She will melt your heart again and again. From her tiny little underbite, and her super soft fluffy coat, to those big ears that fall open as if on command, every time she looks up at you.

Because Gussie was a stray she’ll need a big heart and patience as she gets used to her new environment. She is quick to get in to a routine and lets you know when she’s hungry or needs to go outside. Gussie’s vocalizing is the cutest and you will be able to pick up on her different distinctive prompts in no time.

She enjoys short walks, on quiet streets and in the park. No interest yet in other dogs. She is fine with a quick hello and then continues on her walk. She has a very healthy appetite and she’s house trained. Gussie is happy to sleep in her own bed and will wait for you to invite her on the sofa or to your own bed. She will reflect the level of affection you give her.

We’re delighted to report that Gussie is currently in a loving and caring home!

Gussie Gussie Gussie Gussie Gussie Gussie Gussie

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