8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Looking to add a bit of sweetness to your life?!

Meet Haagen & Dazs – this adorable bonded pair will make your life so much better. They are two little potatoes who would love to cuddle up and keep you comfy during a Netflix marathon.

They have the most soulful eyes and will fill your whole home with love!

Haagen & Dazs’ adoption fee has been covered by a wonderful donor.

Here’s a note from their foster:

H agen and Dazs are very friendly with children and other dogs. They have also been great with our two shy cats, who they repeatedly seek out. Dazs is initially a bit hesitant around adults, but warms up quickly and is as much of a cuddler as H agen.

The doggies enjoy treats, mealtime, car rides, being outdoors, and exploring together. H agen and Dazs are energetic, good walkers, and have no trouble with stairs. They nap a bit during the day, but are mostly awake and ready for playtime.

Dazs experienced some hair loss prior to coming to Muttville, but is looking better with the help of prescription shampoo and shiny coat supplements. H agen has kidney disease, but gobbles up her prescription kidney support food, and has not had any potty accidents. Dazs has also not had any potty accidents, and they both adjusted quickly to the routines of our household.

These two are not only adorable, but also well-behaved and easy to care for. Other than prescription shampoo for Dazs and a special diet for H agen, they are not on any medications. And the doggies know just how to maximize their cuteness by raising their front paws, tilting their heads, and gazing at their humans with perfect puppy dog eyes!

This sweet pair has been inseparable in our home over the last several days. They are filled with love for each other and for the people around them!

We’re delighted to report that Dazs is currently in a loving and caring home!

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