16 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Buttercup and Canela are a darling duo who love each other and will love you too! Pekingese and Cockapoo, short and tall, they make quite a cute pair with their tan coats and smiling faces.

We just love this duo so much! They love playing with each other at home and are working on their leash manners. They really enjoy being around their people and would like a family who is home more often than not and can help them settle in.

Here is what their foster has to say:

It’s been a real treat getting to know these two!

Buttercup is sweet and attentive, but seems a bit more anxious than Canela. She is full of energy, great at jumping and running. Buttercup loves nothing more than having her tummy rubbed.

Canela is a true pekingnese and is the boss. She is small but mighty and will defend her turf against all comers, gets very agitated about the presence of postmen, cats, and other dogs. She’s very sweet around the house, loves to be petted; she has the softest fur, it’s like cashmere!

They have varying levels of energy during the day. They’re pretty peppy in the morning. They like walks or just a wander in the garden. Their favorite afternoon activity is to sit around and nap.

They are both showing to have great house training manners.

Buttercup and Canela are a sweet pair who love their people to pieces!

We’re delighted to report that Canela is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet Canela and Buttercup!
Canela Canela Canela Canela Canela Canela

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