10 lbs (small)
Est. age: 12 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Camero is strongly bonded with Chevette, so we want to adopt them out together.

Nothings better then a five door hatchback that wiggles her tail end for treats and scritches! Meet Chevette! This gal is as groovy as one can get. An all American girl so sweet and full of love. Always eager to jump on your lap and immerse herself in snuggles. That is.. if you’re willing to participate and drop whatever it is you are doing. Cruising up and down the bumpy steep hills of San Francisco not too long ago, Chevette literally rammed into her future best friend. He went by the name Camaro. He wasn’t your average doggo. He was extremely good looking and athletic. His muscle game was strong and his chihuahua potato body was stunning at first glance. Thinking the light had turned green, she pressed her paw on the gas pedal and zoomed forward, smashing her front end right into his rear end. Him originally from LA, but on tour through San Francisco, the two exchanged phone numbers. Obviously having nothing to do with filing an insurance claim. More of a call me next time you’re in the city exchange. They promised each other a Puppuccino in the near future. Camaro was a bit shy at first but once his engine gets revving and his tail gets a wagging there’s no holding back! Camaro quickly becomes friends with everyone he meets. Just shy of a year later Camaro decided to take a leap of faith and move out to San Francisco. With nothing but a backpack in hand he remembered the connection he had a while back. With the sweet lady Chevette. He reached out to her through text and they decided to take each other up on that cup of coffee. Since then the two have been inseparable.

Here’s some notes from their foster:

Chevette and Camero could write an inspiring memoir about resilience in the face of massive change, overcoming fear to take a chance on love, and the power of friendship to enable healing. Rather than pursue literary ambitions, though, this pair spends days basking in the sun, seeking scratches, and cuddling with one another or other resident dogs.

Chevette is affectionate and eager to be close to people of all ages. She is all love, a caretaker and loyal companion. She also has front teeth that occasionally poke out in the cutest way. Camero is more reserved but increasingly makes himself available for pets and chooses to curl up next to people on the couch. He’s a sweet fellow who grows more confident by the minute. Together they are an easy-going, courteous pair who have won over the people and mutts in their fosters’ house.

Chevette and Camero are both spry and in good health; they can jump in and out of a car, and on and off of a bed or a couch. They are quiet nearly all the time-a few barks when someone rings the doorbell- and have been friendly with other dogs and with children. They enjoy an occasional short to medium walk and also avail themselves of the dog door so they can take themselves out to potty or sunbathe. Though deeply committed to one another-truly a friendship inspiration-their clique is not exclusive and they are often found sharing a comfy spot with a resident or other foster dog (particularly our Muttville alum pug who seems to have elected herself the third member of their pack). Since they take such good care of one another, their people get the joy of two dogs for less effort than one!

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