Parson Russell Terrier or Jack Russell Terrier
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter

Bio: My husband and I adopted Buddy (~11 years old) from a shelter in October 2020 after he was surrendered from a single owner. When we first took him home, we quickly learned that he may not have been previously socialized and/or been in a home with a lot of company. He didn’t play with other dogs, resource guarded, was anxious, and would growl at strangers. Fortunately, we did both individual and group training with him for 3 months and were able to identify most of his triggers and work on effectively re-directing him. Since then, he has been the sweetest Buddy! He loves to nap close to his humans, play with new toys, and is extremely food motivated! Although he cohabitates okay with another small dog currently, he would probably do best in a quieter home as a single dog with experienced adult owners to help him transition and adjust to his new environment. Although he is the best Buddy to his owners, no cats, small children, or loud visitors or large crowds please (or he’ll bark!). As a more senior Parson Russell Terrier (possibly JRT mix), he has no issues with challenging hills and longer walks, but is also content with 2-3 shorter walks (15-45 minutes) throughout the day.

Our living and family situation is changing in April and unfortunately, we don’t think it would be the best environment for Buddy as he prefers a quieter home. Buddy is still a very healthy dog, and we believe he has many years ahead with the right home! Would love to rehome him by the end of February at the latest. Best way to reach me would be via email nancy.nguyen41@gmail.com.

This is a courtesy post. Buddy.. is not a Muttville dog. If you are interested in adopting Buddy.. and want to learn more about him, nancy.nguyen41@gmail.com.

Posted on 01.03.22

Buddy.. Buddy.. Buddy.. Buddy.. Buddy.. Buddy..

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