Boxer Mix
Large (50-90 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter

name: Bruno

breed/mix: Boxer Mix

gender: Male

size/weight: 80lbs

whether your dog is spayed or neutered: Yes

We have been caring for a family member’s dog for several weeks and he just came to the decision that he is no longer able to keep the dog.

Bruno is a 7 yo boxer mix, 80lbs, and originally from Hawaii (adopted there in April 2022). He loves to cuddle, play, bask in the sun, and be wherever his owner is. Bruno is black with some white coloring and has been very loving with our baby, toddler, and other dog. Bruno is up to date on vaccinations, is neutered, and micro-chipped.

He is house trained, comes when called, walks on leash, and can sit/lay/shake on command. He is in good health and enjoys 2 walks a day or some good play time in the yard. Aside from that he is usually snoozing on his dog bed or resting at your feet.

This is a courtesy post. Bruno... is not a Muttville dog. If you are interested in adopting Bruno... and want to learn more about him, please contact: Kelly Brown (408) 910-9388 or

Posted on 10.03.22

Bruno... Bruno...