Miniature Pinscher
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter

Bree’s Bio:

Bree is a 13-year-old loyal, bright, affectionate 10 lb. Chocolate and Tan Min-Pin who is looking for a new home now that her elder owner can no longer care for her. She is being fostered by family members and shown herself to be snuggly, smart, ready to learn, and routine-oriented. In the past few weeks she has learned to sit, stay, come, be quiet while her humans eat meals, and to sleep nights in her crate. She loves training and working for treats, and will thrive with a dog-savvy owner who enjoys training and communicating with her. Bree also loves walking the neighborhood and shows impressive energy and stamina to enjoy long walks. While she has an active mind and body, Bree is also an elder lady at 13 years old, so she enjoys a nice long nap after her walks and generally sleeps a majority of the day. She loves to sleep alongside your legs or on your lap and will make a great companion to someone who wants a smart and affectionate pal! She does not like to be left alone or put outside, and will do best with someone who enjoys having their dog with them the majority of the time. She also does not enjoy canine company and would prefer to be the only dog in the household. Bree’s foster family is committed to finding a perfect match for her and is open to talking with potential adopters and providing support if needed!

Health: Bree is estimated to be 13 years old and is under regular veterinary care, spayed, and up to date on vaccinations. She does have an enlarged heart for which she takes daily medication; her veterinarian does not see any symptoms affecting Bree’s lifestyle at this time and recommends annual EKG exams to monitor her heart. Bree also eats a prescription diet of digestive care food, which keeps her tummy happy. Finally, with her age Bree is hard of hearing. She can hear her training clicker and some loud noises, but she does not respond to voices nor to most sounds when they’re out of her sight. She has learned hand gesture commands for sit, stay, potty, and come.

Behavior: Bree has overcome some bad habits from her past, which included not being housebroken and excessive barking. She has proven to be easy to train and responds very positively to consistent rules, rewards, and daily routines. Bree does not show signs of aggression. However, we have observed her defensive nipping on rare occasions, (when being picked up without warning, or when surprised by something she didn’t hear approaching), and for this reason she should find a household without children. Bree shows some fear of bicycles and vacuums. Keeping her well exercised seems to support Bree’s best behavior so she will enjoy a companion who likes to get out and walk daily.

Bree is currently fostering in Sacramento and can travel. This sweet smart girl has a lot of life and love left to share and is looking for a loving companion. She is ready to meet you and share some snuggles!

This is a courtesy post. Bree. is not a Muttville dog. If you are interested in adopting Bree. and want to learn more about her, please contact:

Posted on 06.30.22

Bree. Bree. Bree. Bree. Bree. Bree. Bree.