Betsy Button

Betsy Button

Terrier, Rat/Mix
15 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Betsy Button is a sweet girl who wants to gaze longingly into your eyes while you give her all the love. She is perfectly happy to follow you around and, whenever it’s offered, climb into your lap. Easygoing Ms. Button is ready for any adventure if you’ll be there.

Here’s what her foster has to say:

Betsy Button is the sweetest cuddle bug with the cutest spots! She loves nothing more than to cuddle up on her human’s lap and get as close as possible. If you’ll let her, she’ll lick your face to show how much she loves you and then happily roll over on her back for belly rubs. If you happen to stop rubbing her belly, she will politely touch you with your paw to remind you to continue. She is a very smart girl and has figured out how to use the doggie stairs up to our bed. She can easily jump on to our couch and is pretty agile for her age. Because she is a little overweight, she can only go on pretty short walks. She does need to get into a good routine with her potty training as she has had a few accidents since we’ve been fostering her. She absolutely loves being around other dogs and would love to have a doggie sibling. She gets along well with our 3 senior dogs and loves to cuddle up with any of them who will let her. She is very well behaved and just a wonderful gal who is looking for her perfect furever home!

We’re delighted to report that Betsy Button is currently in a loving and caring home!

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