Alfredo and Ralph

Alfredo and Ralph

Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter

This is Alfredo and Ralph:

Update: Ralph and Alfredo were dumped YESTERDAY 8/13 in Devore Shelter. Despite 16 dogs walking out alive, Devore CA is giving them no time – they are both TBK anytime. 8yo housemates, they deserve so much more. Please let’s help them leave alive:


A784278 A784279

8 years old


Chi-weenie mixes

Fully potty trained

Kennel trained

No allergies

Do well with other dogs (needs slow introduction)

No cats/small animals

(they have prey drive)

They are active dogs who like to go for walks and hikes and enjoy spending time their humans.

Alfredo is the tiny one but he thinks he’s a big dog! He was raised with a Bull terrier so he thinks he’s the same size. Alfredo is rambunctious and sweet. Will take some TLC to get used to a new person.

Ralph is the taller one. Ralph is a sweet and sensitive soul that can sense when your sad he will lay his head on your lap to comfort you. He isn’t quite as rambunctious as his little brother but he’s obsessed with tennis balls will play forever even if he’s tired so he needs breaks.

Ralph and Alfredo were dumped as new born puppies on the side of the road, they were found and have been with their human ever since. Due to an unfortunate living situation that puts them in harm and their human. It is the best interest of the boys that they find a forever home that can actually provide them with love and care that they deserve.


This is a courtesy post. Alfredo and Ralph are not Muttville dogs. If you are interested in adopting Alfredo and Ralph and want to learn more about them, please contact: San Bernardino County - Devore Shelter at (909) 386-9820.

Posted on 08.04.23

Alfredo and Ralph Alfredo and Ralph Alfredo and Ralph