Poodle, Miniature
11 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Alexa and Achilles are a perfect poodle pair! Both are white, fluffy and very cute. And they’re both sweet to boot! They love each other and they’ll love you too! Double the poodliciousness, double the love! Alexa is vision impaired, but that doesn’t her from getting around and exploring her world.

Here’s what their foster has to say:

“Sweet Alexa is sight-impaired but that doesn’t keep her from wanting to move around her surroundings! As long as you don’t move the furniture, and keep her out of harm’s way, she

will thrive and live a wonderful life in any home. She has been treated like a princess at her foster home so has been carried up and down the stairs but she can certainly learn to

maneuver them with patients and a watchful eye.

Alexa is like a flower with its petals beginning to open. Each day she unveils a new side of herself which is so fun to see. She is a bit shy but gives the sweetest kisses when she feels most secure and loved. She is also a very quiet dog and is very good with her potty time and has only made a couple of mistakes in the house.

Like Achilles, Alexa would be fine in a home just to themselves or in one with other dogs as long as those dogs are very easy going and wouldn’t mind her running into them.

Alexa truly enjoys her mealtime. Just put her nose up to her bowl of food and she is a very happy camper! She also loves her nap time in a cozy dog bed and oftentimes is found snuggling with her companion, Achilles, in a bed meant for one dog but they squeeze in together and they look so precious. They should definitely grace the cover of a Hallmark card!!"

We’re delighted to report that Alexa is currently in a loving and caring home!

Alexa Alexa

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