Poodle, Miniature
12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Alexa and Achilles are a perfect poodle pair! Both are white, fluffy and very cute. And they’re both sweet to boot! They love each other and they’ll love you too! Double the poodliciousness, double the love! Achilles is the more active of the pair, with plenty of pep in his step as well as lots of cuddles to give.

Here’s what their foster has to say:

“Achilles seems to have had a bit of a rough time before coming to Muttville. He is certainly coming out of his shell and getting more and more confident every day. He lives to be your shadow and is so happy just following you around, snuggling with you or just sitting curled up next to your feet.

He has such a sweet personality and only wants to be loved by you. He has periods of playfulness but is generally a quiet guy when he is in your presence. He is doing a great job of learning to go up and down stairs and is pretty game to try anything new with a little coaxing. He also really loves a good dog bed to cuddle up in and take one of his naps (and, goodness, can he sleep!).

Achilles is such a good companion to his best friend, Alexa. They are the sweetest pair and he definitely watches out for her since she is sight impaired. Achilles has his own challenges as he is deaf or very hard of hearing so his new forever family will just need to help him to see where they are and will want to keep him on a leash when not in a confined outdoor space.

He enjoys being around other dogs so he and Alexa would be fine in a home to themselves or in one with other dogs as long as those dogs are very easy going and wouldn’t mind Achilles’ lack of canine social cues or Alexa’s running into them!

Achilles is quite well house-trained. The one or two times that he has made a mistake in the house was due to foster parent error of not getting him outside after a nap. He does have a

bit of separation anxiety when he can’t be with you for a period of time, resulting in some whining, but that may change once he gets more comfortable in a forever home."

We’re delighted to report that Achilles is currently in a loving and caring home!

Achilles Achilles

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